Part of our mandate in providing expert testimony involves the assessment of occupation and lifework potential for individuals who have been injured.

Our personal philosophy that everyone has the right to be a contributing member of society is fulfilled through identifying potential work and including the costs and services for re-educating the injured individual if necessary. We help establish short and long-term goals for successful Vocational Rehabilitation by looking at the individual’s:



and Training


Employment History,

Interests and Aptitudes


Ergonomic Work-Site


Functional Abilities

& the Physical Demand of their work



Assessments to better understand the scope of capability of the person in the case


Transferable Skills

of the individual and providing Market Labour Analysis of Potential Jobs


Rehabilitation Counselling

requirements and provisions

As a consequence of the litigation support we offer, the staff at DeeGee has years of experience also helping those who have been injured or those who have acquired disabilities find suitable employment based on their skills and abilities. Our personal experience overcoming injuries gives us a unique perspective and helps motivate those who have disabilities to seek new beginnings.

Our President & CEO, Mr. Dan Thompson, is a Registered Vocational Professional (R.V.P.) and Registered Rehabilitation Professional (R.R.P.) through the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada (VRA Canada) and the Canadian Assessment, Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Society (CAVEWAS), the leading national organization representing and advocating for vocational rehabilitation.